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Weatherby Mark V, Backcountry 2.0 Ti, Bolt Action Rifle, 240 Weatherby Magnum, 24 Fluted Titanium Barrel, #1 Contour, Cerakoted Finish, Graphite Black, Grey and White Sponge Accents, Exposed Carbon Fiber Stock, Muzzle Brake,5 Rounds, Right Hand MBT20N240WR6B
The next generation of the ground-breaking Backcountry family" the Backcountry 2.0 Ti is built around the supremely lightweight and strong titanium Weatherby Mark V action - with some key updates. Still equipped with a super thin and lightweight fluted barrel" it is contoured at a #1 MOD or #2 MOD depending on the chambering. The most noticeable upgrade is the new carbon fiber Peak 44 Blacktooth stock" the lightest versions of which tip the scales at under 20 ounces. Also grabbing the eye is the second generation 3DHEX recoil pad" the first production 3D printed pad the firearms world has seen. Hidden inside the pad are a series of interlocking voids that progressively collapse during recoil" expanding the time component of the recoil impulse and deadening the sharp kick of magnum chamberings. More pronounced spiral fluting on the bolt body not only trims a little weight" it also reduces bearing surface within the action and results in even smoother function. The newly-threaded bolt handle is equipped with a lightweight aluminum extended and skeletonized knob. Fit with Weatherby's highly-effective Accubrake ST" this brake is blended to match the profile of the muzzle. With 30 symmetrically-spaced ports that help harness the recoil" it tames even magnum chamberings and makes them pleasant to shoot. The Backcountry 2.0 Ti's action is left as raw titanium to show off the precise machining while the barrel and bolt are sealed under a black ceramic Cerakote shell. To compliment the barreled action" the stock is finished in bare carbon fiber with a white and grey pattern breaking up its lines. Starting at just 4.7 lbs and 4.9 lbs in magnum chamberings" this is the lightest in the Backcountry 2.0 family. When chambered in 6.5 WEATHERBY RPM" it holds the crown as the lightest/fastest hunting rifle on the market.

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Rifle Caliber 240 Weatherby Magnum
Manufacturer Weatherby
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