Remington is in full production with a new bolt-action handgun, the Model 700 CP. Though this is Remington’s second bolt-action handgun, the Model 700 CP looks nothing like the now discontinued XP-100.

    Will this new iteration have the 30+ year staying power of the original? takes a closer look at the Model 700 CP.


    The majority of XP-100 pistols were single shots, but the new CP is a tactically i

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  2. Rossi R92 TRIPLE BLACK Lever Action Rifles



    Rossi is catching up with the trend of black lever guns set by Marlin last year. For 2020, the company has introduced a new iteration of their R92 rifle called Triple Black. This 

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  3. Violent Crime Rate Continues to Drop as AR-15 Ownership Rises

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  4. Shooting the New KRISS Vector .22 LR

    Smaller calibers are making quite a surge lately. Between 5.7 and the .22 LR it seems that the gun industry is all about going small and compact. And 22 LR, in particular, is getting quite a bit of attention.

    Ruger did a .22 LR LCP, Christensen Arms did the Ranger, and Kel Tec has given quite a bit of attention to the classic rimfire round, too. Not to be upstaged KRISS has not given us us the Vector is .22 LR. Their new .22 LR plinker space gun comes in both rifle and braced pistol configurations.

    And why not? Who doesn’t love the .22 LR? It’s not 2012 anymore and the affordable rimfire round is in stock everywhere ammo is sold.

    The KRISS Vector series of wanna-be SMGs are quite futuristic in design. Whi

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  5. CYPHER Virgin SCAR Receivers By Imperial Arms

    After years of quiet and painstaking development, we are very excited to announce for 2020, the Imperial Arms CYPHER and CYPHERX virgin upper receivers. Legally use your 16s or 17s components to assemble a pistol, SBR, rifle, or post sample registered receiver MG. In addition, injection molding tooling is being finalized for a UMP, B+T, and SB Tactical brace adapter, compatible with factory Scar receiver extensions. Estimated availability of late winter/early spring. We thank you all for your support and can’t wait to share other upcoming P90 and Scar related projects that have been cooking up in our lab! Before Imperial Arms, there was really only one other person making their own SCAR receiver. Otto Arms made his own MK20 style extended receiver. Years before FN offered their SCAR 20S. We saw his custom MK20 at the FN SCAR Owners group shoot back in 2017.
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  6. Glock 44: Austrian Company Moves Into Rimfire Market

    The Glock 44 is the company's first foray into rimfires and appears a solid choice for an economical trainer.

    How Does The Glock 44 Measure Up To Other Rimfires:

    • Dimensionally mirrors the Glock 19
    • Lightweight, only tipping the scales around 12 ounces
    • Tested to work with a multitude of different ammunition

    A new Glock gun? Depending on who you are, you’re either doing backflips or gritting your teeth. No matter where you stand on the Glock spectrum (lover or hater), you'll have to agree the prolific pistol maker has certainly gone a different route with its latest addition.

    The Glock 44 is the company’s first foray into rimfire pistols and is most certainly made with economical training in mind. The .22 LR handgun is styled after the 5th Generation Glock 19, mimicking the same operation and feel of the ubiquitous pis

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  7. Steel-Cased .300 Blackout WOLF Ammo to Hit the US Market


    A couple of months ago, while reading the news from Arms & Hunting 2019 exhibition, I learned that the Barnaul Cartridge Plant has introduced steel-cased 

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  8. Tesla Unveils New “Bulletproof” Cybertruck

    Tesla’s newest creation is looking to disrupt the current truck market. Elon Musk unveiled their newest “Cybertruck” and included a bold new claim that the new Cybertruck was also bulletproof. Tesla Unveils New “Bulletproof” Cybertruck The new truck is made out of a single form stainless steel alloy, that Musk claimed enabled the truck to be “literally bulletproof” stating the following. That alloy enables the car to be “literally bulletproof” against at least smaller firearms, including 9-millimeter handguns From there the presentation stumbled forward into even stranger territory. A man was invited to hit both sides of the truck with a sledgehammer. The Cybertruck appeared to be un-phased by this attack. But then a metal ball was thrown at the windows which were quickly broken.Musk was quick to counter the window break. Stating clearly that the metal ba
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  9. Microtech R2K9 Modular 9mm Silencer

    While attending the Big Daddy Unlimited “Epic Shoot” 2019 in Savannah, Georgia hosted at the 17 South Rod and Gun Club we stopped by Microtech

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  10. Kimber Micro 9 Review - ESV and KHX

    Kimber first introduced the Micro in .380 ACP in 2013, and many models of that pistol are still available, but this is America — we want everything bigger, faster and louder. Meet the Kimber Micro 9 ESV and KHX.

    It wasn’t long before the success of the original Micro convinced the folks at Kimber to upsize it for the 9mm cartridge. Counting the models direct from them and through distributor exclusives, Kimber is now offering over 20 variations of the Micro 9. But Kimber is introducing two more — the Micro 9 Enhanced Slide Variant (ESV) and the Micro 9 KHX.

    Before we get to the specifics of the two new models, let’s look at the genetics of the Micro 9 family. All pistols are single-­action, 1911-­style semiautomatics, with all of the proportio

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