We have an affiliate program with Avantlink. If you would like to join our affiliate program, please apply here: https://avantlink.com/invite/pro2atactical/22573

Become a Pro2A Tactical Affiliate

Apply to our program and earn commission by referring customers to pro2a-tactical.com.

We are growing rapidly, and we want you to grow with us.

Program Benefits:

  • 5% commission on all sales

  • 30 day cookie duration

  • Average order size over $300

  • Free shipping over $250

  • OPEN PPC POLICY. No restrictions, bid and link however you like, wherever you like!

  • OPEN SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY. No restrictions. Promote us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc!

  • Dedicated affiliate management

  • Regular coupon, sales, and promotions

  • Exclusive affiliate coupons available

*Note - Affiliate program is designed for retail sales only. Dealer sales do not qualify.

Affiliate Program