1. 9.6x53mm Lancaster - New Russian Caliber

    During the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2018, Kalashnikov Concern has introduced a hunting variation of the SVD rifle called TG3. The main difference from the Tiger series of civilian SVD rifles is that the TG3 is chambered in the 9.6x53mm Lancaster caliber. The 9.6x53mm Lancaster is a relatively new Russian cartridge that is designed for oval bore (Lancaster rifling) firearms. The absence of distinct lands and grooves of the Lancaster rifling allows these firearms to qualify as smoothbore ones in Russia. Nevertheless, this is quite a potent cartridge providing a downrange performance comparable to rifles chambered in similar calibers.

    Can't wait and see if AR-15 manufacturers will start producing rifles and uppers in this caliber.

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  2. Anderson Mfg's New Red Dot Sight

    Anderson Manufacturing has introduced a new red dot sight called Advanced Micro Dot. Actually, the complete model designation of this product is “Anderson Manufacturing Advanced Micro Dot With Removable Base and Rotary Knob” which is abbreviated to AM-MD-AD-RK. 

    The new red dot sight features a 2 MOA dot which is advertised to be “ultra sharp“. The dot size selection is explained as being an “excellent compromise of both speed and accuracy” meaning that it is small enough to allow making relatively precise shots and at the same time it is large enough to make the dot acquisition easier for quick target engagements.

    The Advanced Micro Dot sight is powered by a single CR2032 batter

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  3. Gas Blocks that we use

    We only use 100% Steel made in the USA gas blocks in all our uppers.

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  4. *Special* 20 inch 6.5 Grendel Keymod Stainless Fluted MK12 Upper with BCG/CH - $349.99

    We have a special going on right now - a 20 inch 6.5 Grendel Stainless Fluted Upper with a BCG/CH for only $349.99. Comes with a a 20 inch 6.5 Grendel Stainless Fluted Barrel, 13.5 inch Keymod Rail, Toolcraft Nitride Full Auto BCG and CH. Options for Adjustable Gas Block and different muzzle brakes. All quality parts made in the USA.

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  5. Shopify's Ban on 2nd amendment items

    Read more about it by clicking on the link below but this is another attack on the 2nd amendment. Lucky we decided to set up our online store on our own and not use shopify.

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  6. More BCA 20 inch 6.5 Grendel Stainless Fluted Barrels came in

    More BCA 20 inch 6.5 Grendel Stainless Fluted Barrels came in recently.

    Look at our video to see the quality of these barrels in detail -


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  7. New Product Alert! We now have 11.5 inch 5.56 NATO AR-15 Uppers

    New Product Alert! We now have 11.5 inch 5.56 NATO AR-15 Uppers - available in normal configuration, non reciprocating and side charging formats. Check us out at

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  8. Ruger SR1911 Officer 45 ACP

    Ruger introduces the SR1911 in officer size frame this summer. Can't wait to get our hands on it and do some testing.

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  9. Bushnell has the new TRS26 Red Dot Sight

    The old TRS25 Red Dot Sight has always been popular with gun enthusiasts. Can't wait to see more testing on this new sight. You can go to bushnell's website: and see the specs in more detail.

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  10. Closeup inspection of a Toolcraft 6.5 Grendel Nitride BCG

    Closeup video of a Toolcraft 6.5 Grendel BCG. We use mostly Toolcraft for our 6.5 Grendel, 458 Socom, 224 Valkyrie and 6.8 SPC II BCGs. They are one of the premier makers of quality BCGs in the industry. 

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