We all remember when “The SIG Brace” hit the market in 2013, forever revolutionizing what it meant to controllably wield a large pistol. Free of exclusivity restrictions, SB Tactical, creator of that original pistol stabilizing brace, has spent the last couple years innovating sleeker, lighter, cooler new designs. Their newest for the AR-15 platform: the SBA3. Much to my surprise, the SBA3 ships complete with a receiver extension (buffer tube). It’s a 7075 aluminum, five-position adjustable, standard mil-spec job. Yes, you read that right, it’s an actual carbine receiver extension rather than some weird “pistol” thing. Realizing that, I then understood why it’s included in the box: your pistol doesn’t have a carbine receiver extension on it. The best part? It’s adjustable! No longer are you and your range buddies stuck with a brace that’s too short or too long for your…forearm. Or wherever you like to brace it. For those who like to brace a brace against the inside of their arm, the SBA3 works well there, too. Its relatively skinny profile, slightly curved-in sides, and flexible rubber are comfortable and provide good control. For those who stick an arm through an SB Tactical brace and strap it on, you’ll find the SBA3 is really tight. And the strap is short. Though the rubber arms are flexible enough to properly accommodate my forearm, the strap is far too short to get around and hold the brace on. It only fits on my wrist. Which is great, except I can’t reach the pistol grip like that. (EDIT: SB Tactical reached out to inform us that this was a production mistake and other than a small batch, SBA3s do come with a sufficiently long strap.) For those who may incidentally brace their pistol brace against their shoulder, the flat-ish rear and the excellent cheek rest make the SBA2 about as good as it gets in pistol brace land.