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  1. Customer Experience: Retrofitting the Gibbz Arms Receiver to fit the Rock River LAR-47

    We had a very ingenious customer who bought one of our non reciprocating uppers to use on his Rock River LAR-47 lower only to discover the Gibbz Arms receiver is not compatible with the LAR-47 receiver. But Michael Bolton was able to machine the receiver to widen the opening of the upper to accept the AK mags. Thanks Michael Bolton for the pictures and inventiveness

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  2. Chicago PD adds SIG SAUER P320 as an Authorized Duty Pistol

    SIG SAUER has announced the City of Chicago Police Department has added the P320 to the department’s official authorized duty pistol list. The Chicago Police Department is the second largest police department in the United States with over 13,000 sworn officers, covering 22 police districts within the city. “We are pleased that the SIG SAUER P320 has been added to the Chicago Police Department’s official authorized duty pistol listing,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The modular design of the P320 gives their full complement of officers the capability to easily change grip size and convert the sizing of their P320 from full-size to sub-compact, based on the officers needs and preferences. This customization feature of the P320 makes it an excellent option for a large department like the

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  3. Winchester Introduces Super X4 Deer Gun

    Fans of the Winchester semi can now take their favorite shotgun with them into the deer woods with the addition of the new Super X4 Cantilever Buck dedicated slug gun. The new model adds a 22-inch cantilever barrel to the Super X4 receiver, making it handy in the tight confines of the deer woods. Chambered for both 2 ¾- and 3-inch slugs, the barrel is fitted with a TRUGLO fiber-optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight for quick target acquisition. Those preferring to use optics will appreciate the Weaver-Style cantilever rail that provides an easy mounting point, and retains zero if the barrel is removed for cleaning or any other reason.The synthetic black matte stock with improved ergonomics, a rounder pistol grip and textured gripping surfaces provides support for the 22-inch rifled barrel and the Inflex technology recoil pad that helps soak up recoil from

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  4. SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace Review

    We all remember when “The SIG Brace” hit the market in 2013, forever revolutionizing what it meant to controllably wield a large pistol. Free of exclusivity restrictions, SB Tactical, creator of that original pistol stabilizing brace, has spent the last couple years innovating sleeker, lighter, cooler new designs. Their newest for the AR-15 platform: the SBA3. Much to my surprise, the SBA3 ships complete with a receiver extension (buffer tube). It’s a 7075 aluminum, five-position adjustable, standard mil-spec job. Yes, you read that right, it’s an actual carbine receiver extension rather than some weird “pistol” thing. Realizing that, I then understood why it’s included in the box: your pistol doesn’t have a carbine receiver extension on it. The best part? It’s adjustable! No longer are you and your range buddies stuck with a brace that’s too short or too long f

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  5. Matrix Arms 4 inch Lavi Keymod Rail/Handguard

    We are one of the few dealers in the country that carries the Matrix Arms Lavi handguard in a special 4 inch length. Stay tuned available soon for sale.

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  6. NEW Kimber KHX Custom gets Topped Off with a Trijicon RMR

    Kimber has taken one of their new models for 2018, the KHX series of 1911s, and upgraded it even further. Now you can get the KHX Custom (5″ barrel models) with a factory-installed Trijicon RMR. This upgrade obviously bumps the price for consumers, but it will immediately improve most anybody’s accuracy as well. The new KHX Custom OI (Optics Installed) can be purchased either with or without a rail (RL – designation). The KHX Custom/RL OI weighs in at 39 ounces while the KHX Custom OI tips the scale at 38 ounces. So if you are an advocate of rail accessories or not it is not going to make or break you on the scale. The general overview of features and specifications for these new models can be read below: Overall Height, Length & Width: 5.25” | 8.7” | 1.28” Magazine Capacity: 8-Round (.45 ACP & 10mm) | 9-Round (9mm) Recoil Spring: 16

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  7. Vortex Crossfire 2 MOA Red Dot

    Here are the specs on this wondeful optic we just tested :

    Fully Multi-Coated: Multiple Anti-Reflective Coatings on all Air-to-Glass Surfaces increase Light Transmission

    Brightness Settings: 11 Levels of Intensity/Brightness

    Parallax Free: All Red Dot and Holographic Sights will exhibit some small amount of Parallax. Matching current industry practice,

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  8. AK bullpup anyone?

    The K-3 Armenian Avtomat is an AK bullpup configuration. Here’s how this oddball and related AK variants came to be. The advantage of the K-3 AK: Designed sometime prior to 1996, the K-3 AK bullpup is based on the standard AK-74 rifle. According to the bullpup’s designers, it’s cheaper, more accurate and has less recoil. Bullpup AKs were issued to Russian special forces. The Ukrainian version of the bullpup AK is the Vepr Avtomat.

    The K-3 is an Armenian Avtomat of the bullpup configuration. It was developed by the Defense Industry Department of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in 1996. The K-3 bullpup is based on the standard AK-74 rifle and entered service with the Armenian Defense Force in 1999.

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  9. 460 Rowland Conversion for H&K USP Tactical Pistols

    Perhaps the most common host firearms for .460 Rowland cartridge conversions are the 1911s and Glocks. However, 460 Rowland LLC constantly expands their line of conversions, introducing the .460 Rowland cartridge to more weapon systems originally chambered in .45 ACP.

    How many of you have USP 45s?

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  10. 9.6x53mm Lancaster - New Russian Caliber

    During the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2018, Kalashnikov Concern has introduced a hunting variation of the SVD rifle called TG3. The main difference from the Tiger series of civilian SVD rifles is that the TG3 is chambered in the 9.6x53mm Lancaster caliber. The 9.6x53mm Lancaster is a relatively new Russian cartridge that is designed for oval bore (Lancaster rifling) firearms. The absence of distinct lands and grooves of the Lancaster rifling allows these firearms to qualify as smoothbore ones in Russia. Nevertheless, this is quite a potent cartridge providing a downrange performance comparable to rifles chambered in similar calibers.

    Can't wait and see if AR-15 manufacturers will start producing rifles and uppers in this caliber.

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