1. Introducing the NEW CPX-4, .380 AUTO PISTOL to the SCCY lineup of pistols.

    Introducing the NEW CPX-4, .380 AUTO PISTOL to the SCCY lineup of pistols. The CPX-4 is a line extension to the CPX-3 that integrates an ambidextrous thumb safety into the platform. The CPX-4 is packed with features such as the ROEBUCK QUADLOCK Barrel, 10+1 capacity, and fixed 3-dot sights. The slide is effortless to manipulate making it ideal for consumers who have difficulty with traditional pistols. View more details about our CPX-4 and the rest of the CPX line by clicking the links below.
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  2. ZEV Tech Introduces The O.Z-9 Compact Pistol

    Back in January ZEV Tech unveiled their first pistol, the O.Z-9. They have now introduced a compact version of the pistol – the O.Z-9 Compact. The new O.Z-9 C has similar dimensions to the Glock 19, with a 7.3″ overall length but with parts like ZEV’s PRO Magwell is slightly heavier at 26.25oz.
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  3. Why Hornady Stopped Selling Ammunition to Walmart 12 Years Ago

    When Walmart made its most recent decision to flip the firearms industry the bird by changing multiple policies, Hornady Manufacturing reminded all of us that they stopped doing business with the retail giant back in 2007. Jason Hornady’s quote from 2007, shows that the company sticks to its values and doesn’t shy away from making tough decisions. Jason is the vice president of Hornady, and we were able to pick his brain about his past dealings with Walmart and what he thinks the effects will be from Walmart’s decision.

    RECOIL: Why did Hornady decide to stop selling to Walmart back in 2007?
    Jason Hornady: In my previous life, I worked for a company that lived and died by Walmart. And like many companies, Walmart treated them poorly. And, as we were going through these things with Walmart, I decided that if I was ever in a situation where

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  4. KelTec Releases a New .22LR Option: The P17 Pistol

    If you’re in the market for a 17-round, compact .22LR pistol with more bells & whistles than a Christmas Day parade, then the P17 is definitely for you! Oh and with an MSRP of $199, you can’t afford to pass one up! COMPACT At less than 14-ounces fully loaded, and barely longer than a dollar bill, the P17 is concealable for pretty much anyone. Just don’t forget it’s there when you need it! The threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release and three (3) 16rd magazines come standard. That’s a ton of value added in such a small package. And did we mention the price? ACCURATE Don’t let the small size fool you. This little pistol is a tack driver. The excellent trigger, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight help you extend the P17’s range. It’s a handy little .22LR that builds confidence and burns bull’s eyes. VERSATILE Every t

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  5. Sig Sauer Quietly Launches the P365 SAS Pistol

    Recently Sig Sauer added a new variant of their popular P365 line on their webpage: The P365 SAS. No, they’re not referring to the British Special Air Service, but instead “Sig Anti Snag.” The first and most obvious difference between the SAS and the traditional P365 is the lack of traditional iron sights. Instead of the typical system, the P365 SAS has what they’re calling a Flush-Mounted FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight. It appears to be the same concept as a guttersnipe sight, but modernized like the Israeli TAS fiber optic sight.The second main difference, one that may be a deal-breaker for some, is that the barrel is ported to help control muzzle rise. Lastly, the controls are shortened and flattened to maximize concealability.

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  6. Nighthawk Custom Introduces Four New Korth Revolvers

    Nighthawk Custom is introducing four new Korth revolvers in .357 Magnum. Whether or not you can afford the premium price tags, Korth revolvers are not easily forgotten. TFB has covered them in the past and they are known for more traditional designs as well as the tactical features on some of their recent models. Korth revolvers are made in Germany and Imported by Nighthawk Custom. The four new revolvers from Korth are: Super Sport-Blue ALX, Super Sport-Red ULX, Ranger, and Mongoose Sliver. The following images and specifications are from Nighthawk’s website.
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  7. SIG NGSW Prototype Unveiled To The Public

    Last week the US Army announced it had down selected three companies to supply prototypes for their Next Generation Squad Weapon program – to provide the Army’s next rifle (NGSW-R) and squad automatic weapon or automatic rifle (NGSW-AR). They have released the first photographs of the SIG NGSW prototype, with a box magazine fed rifle, with a side-folding stock and a belt-fed automatic rifle with an interesting quick detatchment feed attachment system. The SIG Sauer will now compete against weapons submitted by General Dynamics and AAI/Textron Systems. SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the official award of a contract by the U.S. Army in the down-select process for the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW). The award encompasses the complete SIG SAUER system consisting of 6.8mm hybrid ammunition, a lightweight machine gun, rifle, and included suppressors.

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  8. MARS Inc. and Cobalt Kinetics Submit NEW Carbine, LMG and 6.8mm Cartridge for US Army NGSW Program

    Cobalt Kinetics has published a news release announcing that in cooperation with MARS Inc. they have submitted a new carbine (NGSW-R), light machine gun (NGSW-AR) and 6.8mm cartridge to US Army’s NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapons) program. The program is targeted to replacing the M4/M16 family of rifles and carbines as well as the M249 SAW LMG by new weapons and ammunition that will provide enhanced performance.


    Apparently, these new weapons are based on the MARS rifle design which we had a chance to take a look at and shoot at SHOT Show 2019. It is a rather unusual rifle that utilizes a combination of long barrel recoiling and gas operated actions which MARS Inc. calls “gas-assist recoil operating system“. However, judging by the description in the press release, the new rifles are only long barrel recoil operated. The rifle that they brought to the show

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  9. The New CZ 1012 Shotgun from CZ-USA

    The CZ 1012 is the next step in the continuing evolution of the CZ semi-auto shotgun line. The CZ 1012 makes use of a gas-less spring bolt operation. A “do everything shotgun” the CZ 1012 features a gas-less recoil system. The system uses a spring within the bolt to store energy during the recoil of the shotgun and retains it for a short moment until that energy is released to unlock the two lug bolt head from the barrel extension and extract the empty shell. This gas-less system makes for a low maintenance semi-auto shotgun as there is no gas fouling up the piston and magazine tube. Throughout testing, CZ engineers and designers fired 5,000 shells through several of the 1012’s without any oil or cleaning being done during the testing. The result was a zero parts breakage and zero malfunction test session. Another advantage of the gas-less system is that it is able to cycle a wider variety of sh
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  10. Slovenian Tinck Arms PERUN X16 Rifle

    The PERUN X16 platform has a characteristic modular design that allows for an innumerable number of configurations as a result of a host of accessories and parts for the “upper” and “lower” components of this gun. A variety of types and sizes of magazines, sights, stocks, barrels, and grips can be installed easily to this gun to suit individual needs and preferences. We focus our extensive knowledge and expertise into developing this innovative new platform to address the needs and desires of gun enthusiasts. The result truly is a one-of-a-kind product. To learn more about our high quality, innovative platform, please call us at (00386) 41 317 537 or fill out our convenient online contact request form. The PERUN X16 platform combines all the advantages of modern rifles packed into one single, compact platform. Our new modular gun platform is infinitely hackable and accessorizable. With only a
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