1. SIG Sauer’s New P320 XFIVE Legion Pistol with Tungsten-Infused Polymer Frame


    The P320 XFIVE Legion is officially released and listed on SIG’s website. This is the first striker-fired pistol to become a Legion series firearm. It packs a bunch cool competition gun features, however, its most interesting and unique part is the TXG tungsten-infused polymer frame (grip module). The patent-pending technology of infusing tungsten into the polymer makes the frame of this pistol weigh as much as steel frames The heavy frame increases the overall weight of the gun making it much more controllable and helping to make faster follow-up shots which is, of course, a desirable feature for competition shooters. Now, you are probably asking why not to go with a steel frame if you want it to be as heavy as steel? According to SIG, the advantage of the TXG tungsten-infused grip module is that it combines the weight of s

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  2. Independence Day Sale!


    Take advantage of our Independence Day Sale - we have $10, $20, $30 and $40 off tiered coupon codes that is good for everything in the store. Now is the time to get that upper you really wanted from us. 

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  3. Faxon Announces FX-19 Line of Pistols

    Faxon Firearms have announced the launch of their new 9x19mm pistol line, with the guns available from the 24th June. The FX-19 Hellfire and the compact FX-19 Patriot come with custom Faxon frames and barrels, a 1911-profile grip angle, an undercut trigger guard, extended magazine releases and cutouts for pistol optics.

    FX-19 Hellfire Slide Faxon Match Series G19 1/2×28 Threaded Barrel Machined in-house from 17-4 Stainless Steel Enhanced front, rear, and top serrations Optic cut for Trijicon™ RMR or Holosun™ 507C Machined posts in optic cuts for optic locating and recoil absorption Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Finish Suppressor-Height Night Sights Frame Custom Faxon PF940C Frame 1911-Style Grip Angle Custom Polished Front & Rear Slide Rails Double Undercut Trigger Guard Extended Magazine Release Overwatch Precision™ Trigger with NP3 Coated Trigger Bar Enhanced, Low-Pr

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  4. NEW SIG Sauer Pistol: The P365XL Set To Ship In June

    The P365XL includes a removable optics plate reminiscent of the larger/wider P320 line, offering shooters the capability to add a SIG Romeo or similar micro red dot/reflex optic. The Trigger has been upgraded to a flat blade with a 90 degree break. The XSeries grip module features an extended beavertail and a magwell that is flush-fit for CCW applications. P365XL – PRODUCT DETAILS SKU365XL-9-BXR3 CALIBER: 9MM FRAME MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL GRIP MATERIAL: P365 XSERIES POLYMER SLIDE MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL SLIDE FINISH: NITRON MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 12 ROUNDS SIGHTS: OPTIC READY WITH XRAY3 DAY/NIGHT SIGHTS TRIGGER: STRIKER FIRED XSERIES FLAT

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  5. New Product Launch! Introducing Pro2A's AR 308 Upper Receiver Assemblies

    Introducing our line of 308 upper receiver assemblies. We spared no expense in making these uppers using the highest and best quality made in the USA parts. Barrels are by Ballistic Advantage and receivers are billet aluminum made by Guntec USA. We have them in 308 Winchester and the ever growing popular 6.5 Creedmoor. Check them out at

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  6. Marlin Model 336 Dark And Model 1895 Dark

    The speed and accuracy of Marlin lever actions blacked-out and tricked out for the modern hunter. Our new Dark Series rifles feature a stealthy-tough black matte parkerized finish and a black-webbed hardwood stock, with a host of performance enhancements, including a threaded barrel, big-loop lever and XS Lever Rail with ghost ring peep that also accommodates a wide variety of optics.

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  7. Taurus's New Line of 856UL Compact Revolvers

    Building on the line of custom colours recently unveiled for the 856UL compact revolvers, 

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  8. USCCA Partnership

    We are proud to announce our partnership with USCCA. The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) is a membership organization that provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to responsibly armed Americans like you.

    Join over 285,000 gun owners who've used the U.S. Concealed Carry Association to transform themselves into a community of responsibly armed Americans and finally get the peace of mind you've been searching for...

    Click on the story above to learn more.

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  9. STI Guns in John Wick 3, New Duty Pistol

    STI Guns in John Wick 3, New Duty Pistol STI through Taren Tactical is going to be releasing to market an exact recreation of the custom STI handguns used by Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3, except that they will be live firing instead of blank. These will be available with a number of Taren Tactical accessories that can be bought through Taren as the distributor. Also new is a duty version of STI’s 2011 handgun, that cames e

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  10. H&K Trying to Press Americans’ Buttons With the New VP9-B Pistol

    Many people don’t know that it was H&K – not Glock – that designed the first polymer-framed, striker fired pistol. The HK VP70 (or “Volkspistole 70”, which translates to “the people’s pistol,” with the “70” designating the year of design) was designed in 1970, beating Gaston’s legendary Glock 17 to market by over a decade. It was produced until 1989.The VP70 most likely didn’t take off as well as the Glock most likely because, while the polymer-striker combo was innovative, the operating system was an uncouth straight blowback, like a Hi-Point pistol, rather than the more sophisticated Browning short recoil system as seen in the Glocks. This resulted in a heavy slide, a heavy-weight recoil spring, and the VP70 also had a heavy double action trigger that was universally loathed. But don’t take my word for it: Alex Capps, notorious and confessed HK fanboy,

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