1. Kimber Micro 9 Review - ESV and KHX

    Kimber first introduced the Micro in .380 ACP in 2013, and many models of that pistol are still available, but this is America — we want everything bigger, faster and louder. Meet the Kimber Micro 9 ESV and KHX.

    It wasn’t long before the success of the original Micro convinced the folks at Kimber to upsize it for the 9mm cartridge. Counting the models direct from them and through distributor exclusives, Kimber is now offering over 20 variations of the Micro 9. But Kimber is introducing two more — the Micro 9 Enhanced Slide Variant (ESV) and the Micro 9 KHX.

    Before we get to the specifics of the two new models, let’s look at the genetics of the Micro 9 family. All pistols are single-­action, 1911-­style semiautomatics, with all of the proportio

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  2. SIG SAUER Introduces 6mm Creedmoor Elite Match Ammunition

    We are knee-deep into the fall season and SIG Sauer has just released its latest addition to the Elite Match series of ammunition. Long-range shooting is serious

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  3. First Look: Bergara B-14R .22 LR

    Modeled after Bergara's popular centerfire line, the B-14R delivers the same supreme accuracy except in .22 LR.

    What Features Makes The B-14R An Accurate Shooter:

    • 18-inch heavy barrel
    • HMR stock featuring mini chassis
    • Fully adjustable LOP and cheek rise

    Over a relatively short period, Bergara has taken the centerfire rifle world by storm. Now the Spanish/American gunmaker is shooting to do the same when it comes to rimfires. And boy, does the company’s second .22 unveiled this year look like a doozy.

    As its name suggests, the B-14R .22 LR is based on Bergara’s popular line of centerfires. With that comes all the bells and whistles to help the precision plinker shoot a country mile: bull barrel, fully-adjustable stock, oversized tactical bolt handle and threaded muzzle. The stock deserves a bit more comment. In add

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  4. Tested: Grand Power P11 Pistol



    For decades, double-action semi-automatic pistols have fallen into two distinct categories: traditional double-action/single-action (DA/SA) and double-action-only (DAO). The virtues of each design are unique, as are their shortcomings. A recent entry that affords shooters the capabilities of both systems in one handy package is the Grand Power P11 in 9 mm Luger—a compact handgun whose method of operation can be selected with the sweep of a lever. 

    At first glance, the P11 appears to be just another polymer-frame, double-stack 9 mm, but a closer look reveals some unique and interesting features. The design has two elements that set it apart from other handguns in its class: a rotating-barrel locking system and the aforementioned s

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  5. Devil Dog DS1911 Review

    First on my list was to research the product line to figure out which pistol I wanted to explore. Once I saw their lineup, I didn’t know which one to pick. The line includes single-­stack 1911 pistols with 3.5-­, 4.25-­ and 5-­inch barrels. The 4.25-­ and 5-­inch pistols are offered with the standard 1911 frame or the tactical frame featuring a square triggerguard and a rail. The 3.5-­inch models are only offered with the standard 1911 frame. All models are offered in both 9mm and .45 ACP.

    A variety of finishes are available on the pistols: black oxide, Cerakote flat dark earth (FDE), boron nitride and a two-­tone version with a bare stainless ­steel frame and black Cerakote slide. All DDA 1911s are built on a 4140 investment-­cast frame and a 4140 barstock slide.

    The frames feature 22 lines per inch (LPI) frontstrap checkering and NBD grips by DDA. The slides feature ove

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  6. Stoeger STR 9 Review

    For years, Stoeger, a member of the Benelli family of firearms, has offered reliable semiautomatic shotguns at blue collar prices. But recently the Benelli family—of which Franchi is also a member—has been branching out. Benelli now offers a line of over/under shotguns in addition to its ultra-successful semiautos, and last year Franchi entered the rifle market with the new Momentum bolt-action. Now it’s Stoeger’s turn to explore new horizons, and the company’s latest product is the highly anticipated STR 9, a striker-fired 9mm semiauto pistol.

    There’s no shortage of competition in the polymer-framed striker gun market, and with so many options available today, Stoeger has to bring something special if it hopes to make the STR 9 stand out from the competition. To do this, Stoeger is borrowing from its shotgun playbook: Give buyers a reliable gun that’s loaded with features at a

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  7. Ruger Security 9 Compact Review


    The Ruger Security 9 Compact (manufacturer model # 3818) carries the same $379 suggested retail as the full-size version, which means you’ll find it for a street price a bit north of the $300 mark. At press time there were nearly 20 holsters to fit the Compact on, ranging in price from $40 to $90. And while there were no dedicated mag pouches for the pistol there, pouches aren’t hard to find and aren’t expensive. Throw in a box or two of practice ammo and, like the man said, you’re in business for less than $400.

    You’ll note I called it a hammer-fired gun and not a striker-fired one. Ruger engineers went back to the playbook they ran on the LCP, and the internal mechanics are similar on the Security

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  8. S&W Releases Lineup Of M&P 2.0 Subcompact Pistols

    Legendary firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson has just

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    On Wednesday, Illinois-based Springfield Armory announced their new Hellcat optics-ready 9mm micro-compact semi-auto pistol to the concealed carry market.

    Using a 3-inch hammer-forged barrel which translates to a 6-inch overall length while standing just 4-inches high, the 18.3-ounce Hellcat offers an 11+1 capacity in a flush-fit magazine. This can be stretched to 13+1 with an extended mag that bumps height to 4.5-inches. Offered in both a standard and OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) configuration, the latter uses a milled slide intended for micro red dots such as the JP Enterprises JPoint and Shield RMSc.

    Other features include rear, front and top slide serrations, an accessory rail, a flat nickel boron coated trigger, loaded chamber

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  10. NEW Wilson Combat WCR-K22 Rimfire and QUELL Rifle Suppressors

    Wilson Combat has released two new suppressors – QUELL and WCR-K22. The former is a rifle can available for a variety of caliber options and the latter is a rimfire suppressor. Let’s take a look at each of the new Wilson Combat silencers.


    The QUELL suppressor is CNC machined out of 17-4 PH stainless steel. It is rated to work with full-auto 

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