1. SIG Sauer Introduces the P938 SAS

    SIG Sauer introduced the P365 SAS back in 2019, coupling their super popular compact 9mm with their SIG Anti-Snag FT Bullseye sight. SIG have now used the same technology on the 9mm P938 SAS, SIG say the new “P938 SAS Micro-Compact has undergone a radical dehorning process resulting in an ultra smooth, snag free profile that’s ideal for concealed carry.”


    SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the P938 SAS (SIG Anti-Snag) pistol, bringing new innovation to this popular lightweight, micro-compact, concealed carry pistol.

    “When we introduced the SAS technology with the P365 it was immensely popular, and the demand for this new technology in the concealed carry market was immediate. The SIG P938 is a very popular micro-compact pistol, so the addition of the SAS technology was a natural fit for this platform,” said Tom Taylo

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  2. Remington R2Mi: Big Green’s New Big Bolt Gun in .50 BMG


    Long-range shooting, both for competition and defense, continues to be a hot category. And the .50 BMG, well, when has that not been popular (at least in daydream scenarios)? Now Remington’s latest bolt gun promises to garner attention in a fairly crowded field. The new Remington R2Mi rifle brings .50 BMG power into a left-hand bolt, right-port bolt-action platform.

    The R2Mi bolt-action rifle promises sub-MOA accuracy in a .50 BMG platform, according t

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  3. Vortex Optics is Offering 40% to All Frontline Medical Staff

    Vortex Optics has just announced that they will be extending a special offer throughout this troubling time. Between now and 26th June, vortex optics is extending 40% off their products to medical staff such as doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Until 26th June, 2020 those who choose to take advantage of this special offer are eligible for up to two optics, two optics accessories, and up to five items of Vortex Wear apparel. On top of the substantial discount, Vortex is also offering the same individuals free shipping on these orders.

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  4. Zastava ZPAPM70 AKs Now Available With Chrome-Lined Barrels


    AKs of Zastava Arms USA are some of the highest quality production Kalashnikov pattern rifles currently available in the USA. Their full-size 7.62x39mm rifle, ZPAPM70, is a rugged and reliable gun and as the company says, is built like a tank. However, 7.62x39mm Zastava AKs have always lacked one important feature – chrome-lined barrels. A lot of people have been asking Zastava Arms USA to add this feature to the rifles and looks like the company listens to its customers because from now on, all ZPAPM70 rifles will come standard with chrome-lined barrels.

    Besides the chrome lining of barrels, Zastava has also made a couple of other changes based on customer demand. Particularly, the ZPAPM70 rifles will now feature RPK-style bulged trunnions and 1.5mm thick 

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    New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer on Tuesday announced their LEGION series of pistols has grown to include a P220 model in 10mm Auto. The Sig Sauer P220 LEGION 10mm SAO is a full-size, hammer-fired pistol with a 5-inch barrel and 8+1 capacity. The LEGION upgrade means the gun comes standard with a gray cerekoted stainless steel slide and frame, X-RAY3 day/night sights, a solid steel guide rod, enhanced checkering on the front strap and under the trigger guard, front cocking serrations and black G-10 grips. The treatment is the latest installment in the P220’s story, one which started in 1975. “The P220 was the pistol that started it all for modern-day Sig and the introduction of the P220 LEGION 10mm SAO brings new features to a Sig classic,” said Tom Taylor, Sig’s CMO and executive vice president for Commercial Sales. “This is a single action only pistol giving it a lighter t
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  6. New Frame Color Options for SAR USA’s B6C Compact Pistol

    SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms, is pleased to announce the introduction of new B6C compact pistol frame colors: Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. “Due to an overwhelming demand from loyal B6C enthusiasts for new color variations, we are excited to be able to provide two new popular colors,” said Todd Pearson, COO of SAR USA. “To us, here at SAR USA, the feedback from our loyal dealers, distributors and customers speaks volumes. We value them as partners and will always strive to fulfill their requests.
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    Remington is in full production with a new bolt-action handgun, the Model 700 CP. Though this is Remington’s second bolt-action handgun, the Model 700 CP looks nothing like the now discontinued XP-100.

    Will this new iteration have the 30+ year staying power of the original? takes a closer look at the Model 700 CP.


    The majority of XP-100 pistols were single shots, but the new CP is a tactically i

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  8. Rossi R92 TRIPLE BLACK Lever Action Rifles



    Rossi is catching up with the trend of black lever guns set by Marlin last year. For 2020, the company has introduced a new iteration of their R92 rifle called Triple Black. This 

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  9. Violent Crime Rate Continues to Drop as AR-15 Ownership Rises

    Full Article here:
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  10. Shooting the New KRISS Vector .22 LR

    Smaller calibers are making quite a surge lately. Between 5.7 and the .22 LR it seems that the gun industry is all about going small and compact. And 22 LR, in particular, is getting quite a bit of attention.

    Ruger did a .22 LR LCP, Christensen Arms did the Ranger, and Kel Tec has given quite a bit of attention to the classic rimfire round, too. Not to be upstaged KRISS has not given us us the Vector is .22 LR. Their new .22 LR plinker space gun comes in both rifle and braced pistol configurations.

    And why not? Who doesn’t love the .22 LR? It’s not 2012 anymore and the affordable rimfire round is in stock everywhere ammo is sold.

    The KRISS Vector series of wanna-be SMGs are quite futuristic in design. Whi

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